Bopp Laminated woven Bags

BOPP bag is a new, attractive and advanced concept of bulk packaging from 5 kg to 75 kg. Our expertise lies in offering Multicolour Printed BOPP Laminated PP Woven Sacks/Bags, manufactured with precision quality raw material which provides high usage value. These bags are widely used in Rice, Food grains, Animal Feed, Fertilizer, Chemicals, Industries.

Advantages of BOPP BAGS

Superior strength over paper bags-high tensile strength

Unlike paper bags, BOPP bags don't break or bust, so lower overall costs

Highest printing quality that cannot be scratched or rubbed off

Excellent for marketing purposes, especially in the competitive retail sector

Resistance to UV light

High gloss and easy to keep clean on shelf space

Fewer layers than paper typically, thus reducing weight and freight costs


Used for industrial and agricultural products, PP/HDPE bags are customized to your specifications. They have flexibility in design, generous print capabilities, and exceptional strength. These benefits make woven polypropylene packaging the bag of choice of many of our customers. Polypropylene bags typically hold products like rice, sugar, beans, salt, flour, fertilizer, feed, sand, and cement. Come down and watch your bags being made! We're here 24/7.

Advantages of PP/HDPE Bags

Laminated or un-laminated,

Liner or liner-free


Requires little storage space

Easy printing allows ultimate marketing possibilities

Leno Bags

Leno Bags, are widely used for packing of various Agricultural products such as : Onion, Garlic, Potato, Carrot, Ginger etc. It is also popularly known as mesh bags. Leno Bags being permeable allow the air to pass through the bag which help to keep the product fresh. With their low weights and cost effective nature, they provide a superior packaging alternative to other materials. These leno bags can be made with or without a drawstring. The drawstring is made of braided flat tape.

Advantages of Leno Bags

Flexible and Rigid: Flexible in use and has high tensile and burst strength.

Light in weight: Help to reduce transportation cost and are easy to handle.

High product visibility: Contents can easily be viewed.

Zero toxicity and Chemical inertness: Non toxic and Non reactive. Does not transmit any odour to the packed product.

Low cost: Cheaper than other conventional bags. Also reusable.

Moisture resistant: It does not absorb moisture and thus keeps the packed product fresh for a longer time. It also has an excellent washability.

Anti fungal: No fungal growth can take place on or in the Leno bag.

Excellent Air Permeability: Due to this property product remains fresh for longer time and the energy cost in cold storage systems reduces.

Stable performance: It has stable performance over large temperature range.

Tarpaulin Sheet

Hdpe Tarpauline is used for storage, protection of various products and commodities . Tarpaulin Sheet, that we manufacture is of very high quality sheet which is fabricated in accordance with the specifications of our clients. Tarpaulin sheets are available in various designs and colours, and these are qualitatively superior and can be customized. Tarpaulin sheets are available in a variety of colours and sizes.

Advantages of Tarpaulin Sheet

It is 100% waterproof and U/V resistant.

It is long-lasting, sturdy & possesses super strength.

It has rustproof aluminum grommets (eyelets) with sewn-in welding for extra strength.

It can act as an all weather protection.

It's light-weight and comes in various sizes and in designer colours (stripes, textures).

It is available in different qualities (GSM).

It comes in different types such as two sides laminated and sandwiched tarpaulin- for extra strength.